Welcome to Chefs of NYC

New York is an amazingly vibrant city and one with more restaurants than almost anywhere else. It's also a place where a lot of time is spent writing about food. That's why we thought it'd be fun to do it a bit differently. Whereas everyone writes about the newest spot and the best place to have brunch, we want to focus on the people who deserve the attention: The chefs.

Chefs of NYC wants to showcase the chefs, their food and their stories, to create an understanding and appreciation for Chefs which they truly deserve.

We work in marketing, photography and online advertising, live in NYC and love its vibrant food scene. So to us, this seemed like an obvious, fun-filled project to take on!

We'd love to get in touch with all of you, chefs, bloggers, foodies, NYC residents, readers, reach out to us! hello@chefsofnyc.com


Dana & Neni