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Chefs of NYC

Discover and read about your favorite Chefs


Chefs of NYC

Discover and read about your favorite Chefs

Society cafe

Chef Manuel Gonzalez is bringing an international twist to the dishes he creates, tapping into the international cuisines he studied throughout his career, and applying them to ingredients sourced from local farmers at the Union Square Market; the backbone of the restaurant's market to table concept.

st tropez

Gérald Barthélémy who helmed kitchens in Paris and Montreal, and his two partners are running this neighborhood spot reminiscent of the South of France that serves Provençal specialties and wines.


Jonathan Hernandez successfully took a food truck in Washington Heights and turned it into a cultural phenomenon on the Lower East Side.

Rose and Basil

Ioana Holt, owner and chef of Rose and Basil, believes that desserts can be tasty, pretty and even healthy!


Bernard Ros has been a chef his entire life. Growing up in Paris where his family owned a restaurant, he has been serving classic French dishes in NYC for over 40 years!

P.J. Clarke's

Timothy Walker was a teenager when he started out as as a dishwasher and is now at the helm of the iconic, 130 year old restaurant on 3rd ave.

sel et poivre

Christian Schienle is the executive chef, owner and sommelier (!) of the quaint UES restaurant serving French comfort food and classics such as country duck paté, chicken paillard and veal liver.

la rina

After making a name for herself in Italy, Chef Silvia Barban moved to New York and is now the executive Chef at LaRina, where she makes pasta from scratch every day in her effort to "bring a little bit of Italy to Fort Greene"

green fig

Chef Gabriel Israel taught himself how to graffiti and ran a tattoo shop before becoming a full-time Chef and opening Shuka Truck. Now, Gabriel runs the mediteranian inspired Green Fig on the top floor of Yotel.

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Chef's life

Find out what happens behind the scenes

Chef's life

Find out what happens behind the scenes

The Malt house 

We sat down with executive Chef Armando Avila, (formerly at STK and 5 Napkin Burger) to talk about Mexico, what influenced his current menu and the food at the Malt House in the Financial District.


In the East Village, Chef Ruben Rodriquez serves Spanish tapas based on his family recipes as well as modern molecular twists to old classics. Oh, and they have flamenco!


Chef Nir Mesika runs Timna from his East Village location. Chef Nir is famous for running some of the most acclaimed restaurants in Tel Aviv. A native of Israel with Moroccan heritage, Chef Nir menu draws influences from the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa.


Chef Kevin Adey, after spending five years at Northeast Kingdom opened Faro in Bushwick where the goal was to have diners and the chef feel comfortable and at home.

dun well doughnuts

Chefs Dan Dunbar ("Dun") and Christopher Hollowell ("Well") make, what can be considered, the best donuts in NYC. Not only have they over 200 flavors (French Toast doughnut anyone?), but they are also 100% vegan. We probably had six doughnuts each, so go on an empty stomach! 


Chef Sabeh Kachouh came to NYC from Lebanon at age 18 to work with his cousin who owned a Lebanese restaurant. Not only did he grow to love this city, but after some time, Kachouch started his own restaurant thats been a staple in the neighborhood for years. 

montana's trail house

Chef Nate Courtland is the head chef at Montana’s Trail House makes comfort food inspired by Eastern America. The restaurant is known for making as many of their ingredients in house from the plants they grow on their outdoor patio and in their private rooftop garden, so we had to go visit and see what it was all about. And we had a blast!


Peter Giannakas, scientist turned chef, is living his dream as the head chef of Greek restaurant, Ovelia, in Astoria, Queens.
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Experience NYC

Where food is a way of life

Experience NYC

Where food is a way of life


We sat down with Chef Steven Gallo at his Lower East Side Location to talk about what it's like to run two restaurants, how working for his family's restaurants has prepared him to be a restaurateur and why mozzarella has to come from Italy.


With a name straight out of the popular Rolling Stones song, Wild Horse Tavern pays homage to classic American rock n' roll. We went to visit chef Max Renny  to check out his tête de cochon sandwich, which he makes by using the entire head of a pig.


In, what is probably our most inspiring photoshoot, Chefs of NYC met Harold Villarosa who heads up the Insurgo Project - an initiative to address local food insecurity in low-income areas around the country. 


Chefs of NYC had the pleasure of meeting Didier Pawlicki of La Sirene. A true Frenchman with a love for food, chef Didier sat down with us for a chat and a photoshoot.

zucker bakery

Chef Zohar Zohar runs this fabulous bakery in the east village where she prepares pastries that have been in the family for generations.

Senza gluten

Senza Gluten is a fully gluten free restaurant in NYC. We went to visit Chef Jemiko L. Solo to find out why he opened a fluten free restaurant and what the challenges are he faced while doing so.

Lorimer Market

Hidden in Williamsburg is this family run trattoria, butcher and deli. Chef Genaro Virtuso runs Lorimer Market and welcomed us one morning for a chat!

SRO Pizza

We got invited to visit Chef Giulio Adriani in his speakeasy pizzeria - SRO. Originally from Rome, Giulio is a prime example of following your passion.

Discover NYC Chefs

Delicious food, great stories

Discover NYC Chefs

Delicious food, great stories

cooper's craft & kitchen

Cooper's Craft & Kitchen, famous for their beers and easy going food invited us take a look in the kitcheb! Chef Brendan Neville prepared his gnocchi (which was delicious) and was kind enough to share his the recipe with us. Find it below the pictures!

northern spy food co

Peter Lipson is the chef at Northern Spy Food Co. Beautiful restaurant and an amazing chef. Such a fun photoshoot!

burlap sack          

Chefs of NYC met with partner, general manager AND chef, Miguel Franco at his new restaurant in Murray Hill - Burlap Sack, a potato eatery.



Chef Natasha Pogrebinsky's dishes stem not only from her passion for cooking but it's her heritage that makes her story even more so interesting. Read on!

Little prince         

Peter Lipson of the Northern Spy Food Co introduced us to the chef of Little Prince, Matt Controy, and what a pleasure it was! Matt prepared dinner for us and we chatted about what it's like being a chef in NYC and following your dreams.

antica pesa           

Chef Patrizia Volanti had the chance of a lifetime when the owner of Antica - originally from Italy -  decided to open up a new location in Brooklyn. 

Explore their stories

Explore their stories


We got to speak with Jonathan Kava at Smorgasburg -- a chef who is doing something different among the other vendors at the weekly food filled event. At Von Kava, expect a 3-4 course meal. Next time you're at Smorgasburg, hang out at their stand up counter and enjoy your next 15 minute experience at Von Kava!


We met up with Chef Nate Cotanch from Zia Green Chile Co at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Did you know New Mexican cuisine is incredibly hard to find and practically unheard of on the east coast? Chef Nate says his goal is to share this unique culture and cuisine that he grew up around with NYC and eventually the entire east coast.

tavern on jane

On of our first visits we came to Tavern on Jane and met chef Josh LaBadie who was kind enough to show us his kitchen and share some recipes!
Two words: buffalo wings!